Our Mission
At Ancient Texts Research (ATR), we are dedicated to the following mission:

  • The search, recovery, restoration, and digital publishing of ancient manuscripts

  • The investigation, research, and exploration of written language
    • i.e., we seek to know the ultimate source of written language, who invented it, and how it evolved
    • we seek to explore the headwaters of the most ancient written languages

​​Please explore the rest of our website to learn more about:

  • Our ongoing and future projects

  • Who we fund

  • Past successes
Mission Detail
Search & Recovery
Digital Publishing
ATR is dedicated to the search of ancient manuscripts throughout the world, followed by their peaceful recovery to proper preservation institutions for restoration and publication.  See our search efforts for missing portions of the Aleppo Codex.
Following a peaceful recovery of any manuscript, ATR invests in the efforts of restoration and proper preservation of those manuscripts.  We look to fund instititutions and particular technologies dedicted to this task.
Following restoration of an ancient manuscript, ATR facilitates and encouages digital publication of facsimiles and the transcription of manuscripts for open access to the public via internet portals similar to what you see with www.tanach.us.
Focus on Technology
ATR invests in advanced technologies such as spectral imaging and reflectance tranformation imaging for exploitation of faded manuscripts
Featured Projects
  1. Aleppo Codex Recovery
    Our Aleppo Codex Recovery project is focused on crime scene investigation type analytics, and the leveraging of relationships to influence recovery of the missing sections of the Crown. We seek to return the Crown to responsible institutions that can properly restore, preserve, and publish it.
  2. Glyph Evolution
    Our Glyph Evolution project is focused on the classification of glyphs used in ancient manuscripts, and the lineage of those glyphs. The project is focused on finding the "headwaters" of written language.
  3. STAR
    The STAR project is a deep dive effort focused on detection of hidden encryption mechanisms in ancient manuscripts. We have invested in a new forensic tool for detection of Equidistant Letter Skip (EDLS) codes, error correction codes, DNA, and evidence of steganography.
Quest for truth abetted with technology, logic, and reason.