Please take advantage of the many STAR resources we have provided on this page via the the links in red above and other items as identified below.
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You may also find the answer to your question posted on StackOverflow .
You can find all of our STAR Tutorial Videos on our YouTube Channel

If you need a particular topic covered in a video, please reach back to us.  We can spin these up rather quickly to ensure you have what your need for your research efforts.  A sampling of our videos include the following:

Although you may be able to download and install STAR, you must purchase a license to activate it.  A license is valid for five installations per household.  The license is valid for the version you have purchased and all subsequent upgrades in the same series (e.g., V 1.*).  Please contact us directly if you are seeking the Pro Education/Research Institution License for unlocking some of the more advanced research features.

The License Key can be purchased securely via the PayPal Buy Now ($30) button to the right (which accepts all credit cards), or via Amazon  ($35)*.  Follow the directions in the Installation Guide for activiting your order.

The license is non-refundable and non-transferrable**.  You should ensure STAR runs on you computer before purchasing your license, as explained below in the Downloads Section.

* The cost is $35 on Amazon since we ship a CD.  If you don't want the CD, use the 
PayPal purchase button.

** We'll consider refunds for extenuating circumstances, i.e., we discover a major feature of STAR won't run on your computer.  Please review system requirements (in the Installation Guide) in advance of your purchase.
Links for the most current STAR Installer downloads are maintained here.  The installation instructions are provided in the next section.  We recommend you first download STAR and install it before purchasing a license to ensure that STAR will run on your computer.  The free Java Runtime Environment (JRE) is a prerequisite for running STAR.  If you don't have it, you will need to install the JRE as explained in the Installation Guide.  If you are not familiar with a JRE, please seek help from a tech sauvey teenager, colleague, grandchild, etc. to assist you. 

Once you are able to get the STAR License Frame to launch, you should be assured that STAR will run fine on your computer.  At that point, you are ready to activate the software, and you should purchase your license.   If you are well versed installing software on your computer, you will be fine.  Just follow the instructions.

Latest Version (V 1.2.0, 01/02/2018):

Legacy Versions

The Installation Guide may be downloaded from this link , or viewed here.
Our Frequently Asked Question are updated based on your feedback.
This best way to reach us via email.  Before you do, please check the FAQs and the very in depth User Manual.  We also maintain a listing of known discrepancies on this page.  You may have found an issue that we already know about it and are working to deliver in our next version release.

You may also find the answer to your question posted on StackOverflow .

 If after all that, you don't have the answer you are seeking, please reach out to us.

Email: s
If you got any questions, please do not hesitate to send us a message. We reply within 24 hours !