Ancient Texts Research Tool (STAR)​

STAR provides decryption sleuth enthusiasts the latest,
and most powerful tools for helping crack the code. 
  1. Documents
    STAR provides the ability to choose from several on board reference documents that include the Traditional Tanakh, the Leningrad Codex, a randomized Leningrad Codex, and several English equivalents. Parallel and synchronized scrollable window panes enable comparison of Hebrew reference text with English translations.
  2. Search
    The Search capability provides the ability to detect the evidence of EDLS skip encryption mechanisms in both Hebrew and English letter sequence arrays. You can search the reference documents for vertical, horizontal, and diagonal representations of you search term. STAR provides the ability to search for a range of dates and terms in all your databases (e.g., Names, Dictionary, myDatabase).
  3. Matrix
    STAR provides a results driven Matrix view that shows the location of search terms in the matrix and the underlying verse references. The Search within a Matrix capability provides you the ability to search secondary terms and all the terms from the Names, Dictionary, and my Database databases.
  4. Translate
    STAR utilizes Google Translate throughout the User Interface eliminating the back and forth copy/paste steps between the App and your browser.
  5. Share
    STAR provides the ability for to save your Queries and Results. You can then share those Results (and queries) with your friends. You can modify all of your on board databases (Names, Dictionary, etc.) and share those with your fellow research partners.
  6. Statistics
    STAR possesses an advanced probability analysis capability for you to discern fact from fiction regarding "phenomenal" results being passed about in the "code cracker" community. See the User Manual for an in depth description of the STAR statistics capabilities.
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STAR Online User Manual (V 1.*.*)
Download Link:   STARUsersManual.pdf